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SNEOSG - proud to be part of the UK Safety Groups Network

Welcome to SNEOSG

Over 70 years of promoting Health & Safety in Suffolk and North Essex!!

We hope that you are enjoying using our recently updated website.

There are many useful resources available here including information about the Group, our meetings and our Committee. In addition we share information about locally useful places and events within the Health & Safety arena.

We plan to continually develop our webpages. Do let us know your thoughts on the current format and any future features you would like us to consider.

Why Join Us?

The Suffolk and North Essex Occupational Safety Group is affiliated to the Safety Groups UK network. The Group meets on the third Thursday afternoon of the month in Ipswich. Members attend from a full range of Companies based in East Anglia. Members benefit from regular talks on topics of interest to the business community particularly those people involved in the Health/Safety and Welfare aspects of industry and public sector.

Our Group meetings offer the chance for members to network in a friendly environment with ‘like minded’ people. Members are not always H&S professionals but generally have a distinct interest in the topic. Formal qualifications are not necessary to join SNEOSG.

The Group is a great place to keep knowledge up to date, learn about new subjects and expand your understanding of common workplace hazards. Members make use of our events to maintain their Career Plans and network with others and perhaps maintain links with service providers. Attendance at our group meetings can also be recorded on your CPD record for professional membership.

As well as our Monthly Meetings we hold regular visits to ‘sites’ to offer Members an insight into other peoples’ workplaces. These are great opportunities, particularly if members are carrying out vocational qualifications and need to expand their knowledge ‘outside’ their usual workplace. The Group also offers close links with the business community and Enforcement Agencies.

To see a ‘birds eye view’ of our community network go to our ‘street map‘, or you can follow the link to our ‘about’ page for more information about us.

We hope to see you at our meetings, please come along and make yourself known to one of the Committee or email

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Membership Details

We now offer two types of SNEOSG membership:

Standard Membership - £60
Annual Programme (12 Monthly Meetings a year) Our very popular workshops/seminars and site visits

Enhanced Membership - £150
Includes the benefits of Standard Membership + the opportunity to add a short piece about your company onto our website showing your affiliation with the group + hyper link to your own website.