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SNEOSG - proud to be part of the UK Safety Groups Network

Some of our members like to take the opportunity to give you some information about what they do and how they work within our local area. All of these members are active members of SNEOSG, and regularly attend our monthly meetings at the indoor bowling centre, which is an ideal opportunity to catch up with any of them and make the most of the networking opportunities on offer as part of your membership.

If you would like to see your own organisations information here please see our membership opportunities within the task bar on your right.

j-jaz services and training logo J-JAZ Services and Training was established in October 2005. We offer a range of services and training to ensure your business and employees are as safe as possible, injury and pain free. The main focus of our services and training is First Aid, Manual Handling and Body Mechanics where we can assist you in designing a system that allows your staff to work knowing that competent assistance is there when needed and that your workforce are not putting themselves in harm’s way by their activities.
Park City Consulting
UV Safe

Membership Details

We now offer two types of SNEOSG membership:

Standard Membership - £60
Annual Programme (12 Monthly Meetings a year) Our very popular workshops/seminars and site visits

Enhanced Membership - £150
Includes the benefits of Standard Membership + the opportunity to add a short piece about your company onto our website showing your affiliation with the group + hyper link to your own website.