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SNEOSG - proud to be part of the UK Safety Groups Network

With the exception of site visits, all of SNEOSGs meetings are held at :
Ipswich & District Indoor Bowling Club, 136 Rushmere Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 4JU
(visit our contact page for map details)

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from 2.00 – 4.00 pm.  Except for the meeting in December which will be held on the second Thursday of the month with effect from December 2019.

The AGM and Memorial Lecture take place at the April meeting. We do not meet in August, as this is the Group’s Summer Break.

Members are welcome to invite guests to a monthly meeting but must inform the Administrator in advance.

We also include details below of provisions from our sponsor members, and other local groups, which may be of benefit to you.
Please note all details are as published by the provider, please check before attending.

20 September 20182-4pmLow Carbon VehiclesIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
18 October 20182-4pmContractor CompetenceIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
15 November 20182-4pmManual HandlingIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
20 December; 1 December 20182-4pm Launch date: SNEOSG Members Award SchemeDSEARIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
17 January 20192-4pmHand arm VibrationIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
21 February; 28 February 20192-4pm MiddayManaging Volunteers; Closing date: SNEOSG Members Award SchemeIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
21 March 20192-4pmLegionellaIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
18 April 20192-4pmAGM: Legal Updates, Presentation of SNEOSG Members AwardIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
16 May 20192-4pmMental HealthIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
20 June 20192-4pmFirst AidIpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
18 July 20192-4pmA Day in the Life of.....IpswichSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting
15 August 2019 - Site Visit TBCSNEOSG Monthly Group Meeting